Mistakes To Avoid When Getting Wedding Transport

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Wedding transport is one of the many details that you should be planning out for your big day beforehand. After all, imagine making a grand entrance and leaving in an embarrassing way! You’ll probably never live that down for life. So here are some mistakes you need to be aware of when arranging wedding transport. Go here https://www.tictactours.com.au/   for more information about classic car hire.  

Hiring amateurs

As much as you should be giving an opportunity for amateurs to prove themselves, sometimes when it comes to something as important and memorable as your wedding day, it is best not to experiment with them. Most transport providers offering these services would promise you the best many times until they secure the deal and get their pay. But at the last moment they could end up simply sending you a mini bus hire rolling its wheels down the road. And imagine having to go through such an embarrassment on ‘your day’. Definitely not! So always look for trusted experts in the field to offer such services.

Don’t be too hell bent on a limo

While limos in fact are the perfect vehicles that add that flair and create a statement, they aren’t the only vehicles that are the definitions of ‘ideal wedding transport’. In fact there are so many other vehicles like white Bentley, Rolls Royce or even a typical carriage driven by horses. You could even get rather creative and get a bus charter Gold Coast . However, being hell bent on having to ride only in a limo is going to consciously or unconsciously make you reject all other options available. So be open minded to enjoy the best and open up your options and alternative to choose from.

Leaving the guests behind

Even though there is no specific rule that states you should be providing transport to your guests that doesn’t mean you should be abandoning all those who aren’t familiar with the area and those drunk, helpless. Be more generous and invite them to tag along with you if you have plenty of space or make arrangements for a different vehicle to take them back.

Not creating a list of contact information

If you are providing transport for your guests make sure that you create a list with all their contact information beforehand. Make sure to include details like their phone numbers, residential address and such. Once you are done with it confirm with them a day before the event and handover such details to the car service company to make their lives and jobs easier. So take note of the above mistakes and make sure to avoid them when arranging transport for your big day!

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